For Students

As a student, you can spread the word about Religious Freedom Day to your classmates and teachers. Everyone needs to know what their religious liberties are at school, and you can play an important part in spreading freedom to those around you.

It is also important to realize that neglecting your freedom is like not having the freedom at all. So, as it is appropriate to the situation in class and at school, try exercising your religious freedom. For example, if it's relevant to the assignment, you can mention your religious beliefs in a homework assignment or write about a religious person you admire. So, go ahead! Take a step to exercise a little of your freedom.

Commemorating Religious Freedom Day (January 16)

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (Paraphrase)

U.S. Department of Education's Guidelines on Religious Expression in Public Schools

Student Pamphlets summarizing US Dept of Education's Guidelines